Magco Drilling has a diversified complement of drilling and support equipment. Our vast capabilities allow us to perform all types of foundation and shoring projects. At the smaller end, Magco prides it self in our fleet of limited access equipment consisting of  limited access drill rigs, cranes, mini dozers and  mini dump trucks.


Magco has the ability to drill inside existing buildings with ceiling heights as low as eight feet. In addition to drilling, we have the capability to install reinforcing and concrete for a complete drilled shaft or shoring bulkhead in confined areas. At times it becomes necessary to deepen the cased shafts that house the hydraulic lifting rams for elevators. Magco has developed specialized equipment to actually drill inside of existing elevator hoist ways.


Magco’s fleet of equipment includes Lodril’s and other excavator mounted drill rigs that have the long reach capability. Our truck mounted and larger drill rigs range from 65, 0000 pounds to 135,000 pounds. The majority of our drill rigs and equipment are track mounted. We are proud to add that a large portion of our fleet consists of the new age European drill rigs. Of course we have crane attached drills for those special projects that require the clearance and reach.


On the larger end Magco can provide drilling equipment capable of advancing drilled shafts in extremely hard subsurface materials. These machines are capable of drilling shafts up to twenty- feet in diameter and to depths of 200’ feet.  

Magco’s other support equipment includes crawler hydraulic and conventional cranes ranging from 5 to 75 ton capacity. For projects in wet environments and drilling below the water table or with slurry, Magco has specialized vacuum equipment that is instrumental in providing a clean footing and pile top at the completion of the concrete pour.

Of course we have tieback capabilities that include an Inter rock 109 and two high capacity custom grout plants. Magco also has an excavator/ clam shell for digging deep pits in tight hard to reach areas.

As we all are aware we need to truck all of this iron around on a daily basis. Therefore, Magco has two tractor trucks and 6 trailers that are on the road non-stop.
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